In January of 2013, Valcott Enterprises LLC purchased the former Overbrook School, located along the northern Route 51 corridor in the neighborhood of Overbrook. The project will convert the existing school building into a 91-bed personal care home to service the neighborhoods of Overbrook, Brookline, Carrick, and other parts of the South Hills. The building will be renovated, retaining much of the historic look of the structure that has been a focal point in the neighborhood for almost a century, serving as both an elementary and middle school.

The remaining land adjacent to the building will be developed into a 50-unit independent living building, Overbrook Senior Living, with shared services between both buildings that include therapy and dining that will be available daily.

Utilizing the existing transportation services of the T and busway, a new pedestrian bridge will be constructed at the northern end of the property to allow residents to access shopping and other amenities available along the transportation lines. A limited number of parking spaces and a “kiss-and-ride” will also be made available for commuters to use the public transportation services. The finished project will be a full service senior campus with gardens, green spaces, daily amenities and security.

With an estimated project conclusion date in early to mid 2014, the project is slated as the princess project of the Route 51 revitalization.  The personal care home will be complete with a neighborhood nostalgia walk, libraries, full service table dining, daily activities, and a large full service therapy gym.

Overbrook Estates

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