Valcott Enterprises will own and manage its own facility and provide the following services to ensure successful daily operations of Personal Care and Skilled Nursing facilities.
  • Licensing: Working with the Department of Public Welfare, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and other relevant local authorities, we will obtain all of the necessary licensing and certificates of operation. Valcott’s management have formed working relationships with the DPW regulators and will involve them from the start of the project. Daily regulatory compliance and DPW inspections will be managed and overseen by Valcott management.
  • Operations: Daily operations of the facility will be managed by the Chief Operations Officer, training and hiring competent staff to perform the necessary duties to ensure the success of the business and excellent care for our residents.
  • Resident Services: Assistance with activities of daily living and medication management will be provided to residents around the clock every day. Quality control of this process will be monitored daily by walkthroughs, inspections and monthly staff meetings. We value the input of our line staff and will hold daily discussions with them to ensure top quality care for residents and continuous communication from top management to line staff.
  • Dietary Services: Our priority will be to provide our residents with quality, nutritious food that they enjoy eating and that reflects the neighborhoods in which they grew up. We want our residents to look forward to mealtime. The opinions of residents and families will be sought informally through daily interaction and more formally through resident councils.
  • Housekeeping Services: The cleanliness of the facility is our top priority. We will provide daily housekeeping services to residents. Chemical training, infection control, HAZCOM, and equipment training will be provided by industry experts. The Director of Housekeeping and his or her staff will maintain cleaning schedules, floor care calendars and a schedule for deep room cleaning.
  • Maintenance Services: The Director of Maintenance and his or her staff will provide daily maintenance throughout the facility, working closely with Valcott management to identify facility needs. Preventative maintenance schedules will be kept and monitored monthly.
  • Recreational Services: Our residents’ quality of life is our first concern. Valcott believes in a strong activity department in all of our operations, addressing our residents’ mind, body and spirit. Daily activities for our residents and events for the staff make for a healthy environment for both. These activities will allow residents to increase or maintain their physical wellbeing, provide intellectual stimulation, and provide spiritual and religious services as frequently as possible for all denominations.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Working with local home health agencies, physical and occupational therapy will be provided on an as needed basis to all of our residents. Valcott management will also assist residents in obtaining coverage for rehabilitation services under their Medicare, Medicare Advantage or other health plans.
  • Human Resources Services: The Human Resources Director will manage staffing and will be responsible for all hiring, terminations, and training. In addition, the Chief Executive Officer will monitor regulatory compliance with respect to human resources issues.
  • Bereavement and Volunteer Services: Our Director of Bereavement and Volunteer Services will recruit volunteers to assist with activities and provide support for our residents and families. In addition, our Director of Bereavement and Volunteer Services will work with local clergy and hospice services to support residents and families in their times of need. The top priority for our Director of Bereavement and Volunteer Services is provide all residents and their families with the support they need during life and a full range of services for end of life needs.
  • Accounts Payable: Valcott, through its Chief Financial Officer and the staff of the Finance Department, will maintain vendor relationships by timely and accurately processing of invoices and payments. We will maximize cash flow by taking vendor prompt pay discounts when available and paying vendors within (but at the end of) terms. Also, we will resolve any vendor payment issues with the assistance of the relevant department, e.g. housekeeping or maintenance.
  • Billing and Accounts Receivable: The Finance Department will implement the billing and collection cycle from residents. Each resident will be billed prior to the start of each month. The bills are due upon receipt. The Finance Department will also collect these resident payments and apply the payments to each resident account. A process for collecting past due bills and aged accounts receivable will be incorporated. Accounts receivable will be measured by the regular calculation of days in AR.
  • Budgeting and Financial Statement Preparation: Operating budgets will be created annually or as required by lending sources, state agencies, etc. Also, a capital budgeting process as defined by ownership will be handled by the Finance Department. The Finance Department will also be responsible for monthly reconciliation of balance sheet accounts. The Finance Department will be responsible for the oversight of the cash management and accounts receivable policies as defined by the owners. Also, the Finance Department will be responsible for the monthly preparation of income statements (trended and comparison of actual to budget), balance sheets, and cash flow statements.
  • Utilization of Financial Statements: The financial statements will be used for a variety of both internal and external purposes. The first purpose will be to measure overall financial performance within operations and any investment activity. The second purpose will be to understand and quantify the financial impact of operational issues. The third purpose will be to satisfy all external financial reporting obligations – i.e. tax returns, any requirements from lending sources, etc. The Finance Department will report to the owners periodically as to any issues or questions regarding the financial statements.
At Valcott we strive for quality of care, as well as qualified staff to provide that care.